Visualizations i love

In the making of our room booking software we’ve invested a huge amount of time in interactive visualizations. Enjoy!

Visualizing supply and demand during the semester’s planning phase (blogged).


Schedules of selected room and possible alternatives. This booking page can be controlled via text input as well as drag&drop – both at the same time interacting with each other!


Densely aggregated occupancy stats for each room per semester. (Thanks to mbostock’s calendar view)

Lessons learned

  • I will no longer chose colors by myself, since there’s a lot of psychology behind colors and our perception thereof. Try: colorbrewer, colorpicker
  • Thoughtfully design and then stick to your own APIs. Interacting with visualizations dangerously leads to a messy codebase since there are (too) many technologies involved.
  • Force users to use a modern browser.

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