Interactive Digital Signage with MS Kinect

Despite the high bullshit to fact ratio SIME Vienna was fruitful as Florian Dorfbauer (LaGentz) and I came up with the idea of using Microsoft’s Kinect as a controlling device for public user interfaces.

At WU Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien we’re throwing the current course schedule on large screens. Given the fact that we have up to two hundred courses in the list but – in contrast to airports – only a limited budget for the task the students are presented a slideshow rather than an array of expensive displays. You can imagine that it’s quite boring to watch the screen for a few minutes until your content appears…

Enough of background talk, here’s a video of the prototype solution.

What next?

The nice thing about the proof of concept is that it uses a web browser for content display. So anything can be displayed. The commands from Kinect are entered into the browser as key strokes (thus no browser APIs, compilation, or anything involved).

The challenge from here will be twofold: First we still need a user interface that automatically explains the  interaction possibilities to the user. Second, the Kinect is a brandnew device designed for your living room. So we have no data on its durability out in the field…


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